More information about the change from a quarter to semester system.

Since starting MSW Direct in 2012, we have collected feedback from students, faculty, and field placement agencies.  We have spent many hours reviewing feedback and outcomes.  After many thoughtful discussions, we have decided to transition the MSW Direct program from the current four quarter system to a three semester system beginning in the fall of 2016.  All required courses will still be available each semester as we are not a hybrid or cohort program.   You can still start and stop-out of MSW Direct as needed as long as you complete the degree requirements within five years.

We are making this change because we are committed to providing students with a high quality educational experience.  As a result we are engaged in two program improvement strategies.  The first is related to our on-line courses.  The first strategy involves our commitment to ensuring our program continues to be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  Recent changes in accreditation standards warrant that we take steps to ensure our program continues to meet these standards and making this transition will ensure we are able to do so without question.  Second, we are now performing continuous quality improvement in our online course designs, so that all courses are accessible to students with disabilities and to students using mobile devices and tablets.  Our courses will strive to meet a rigorous 40-point rubric to certify their accessibility, usability and the clear alignment of all course objectives, outcomes, assignments and content. 


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