Headquartered at IUPUI
Locations on 8 IU Campuses

MSW Student Association

The MSWSA works to identify, advocate, promote, and support the needs and interests of MSW students in their academic and professional pursuits. Our organization strives to improve the quality of student life for all MSW Students and to give students a voice in matters pertaining to the affairs of the IU School of Social Work.The MSWSA works to encourage the highest quality of instruction, contribute to campus life, and allow students to become involved in determining future direction, planning, and enhance student involvement on campus and in the community.

Executive Members

  • President: Samantha McMinn, (sbonham@iupui.edu)
  • Vice President: Sarah Erotas, (smorone@umail.iu.edu)
  • Secretary: James Dowell (jadowell@iupui.edu)
  • Treasurer: Eron Fledderman (ejfledde@indiana.edu)
  • Curriculum Coordinator: Brandi Shipley (bmshiple@umail.iu.edu)
  • Outreach Coordinator: Rosie Bryant

If you would like more information on the MSWSA, need our support, or are interested in joining the experience, the fun, the learning, contact one of us!

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