Technology Services & Resources

Indiana University - University Information Technology Services (UITS) offers all of the resources you will need as a student. is a website that serves as a portal, providing a common, web-based front door to IU online services. This means that, instead of going to several different web pages and logging in each time, users can go to a single website, log in once, and gain access to all the web resources and services they might need at IU.

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IU Ware

The site contains free software for students to download and use.

IU Anyware

IUanyWare is a client virtualization (CV) service available to Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. With IUanyWare, you can use a web browser or mobile app to run certain IU-licensed software applications without having to install them on your computer or mobile device.

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Knowledge Base

The Indiana University Knowledge Base (KB) is a custom-built content management and work flow system managed by the IU Knowledge Management (KM) team to collect, maintain, and publish Online answers to information technology questions at IU.

Interactive training site that IU has partnered with IU login required to access all material

Box at IU

Unlimited cloud storage for IU students. Great collaboration tool for sharing documents within a group. IU login required