Courses Required for the Certificate

Informatics Electives (Students will choose only one elective from the courses below)

"Students in the program see significant increases in e-SW practice skills as it pertains to engagement with clients, practicing with a patient through technological means, and ethical e-SW practices." Read Full Article

David Wilkerson, PhD, LCSW
Director of Online MSW Direct Program

First certificate of its kind.

The e-Social Work Practice certificate is the first of its kind to be delivered by a school of social work in the United States, making Indiana University and the Indiana University School of Social Work leaders in training for technology-mediated social work practice.

The growth of technology innovation in social work practice is currently limited by many factors, including lack of training and lack of access. For example, more than 50% of rural areas in the United States have limited or no access to social work services. This certificate program can address these issues by providing the necessary training for social workers to deliver technology-mediated social work practice to client populations in areas where access is currently lacking.

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