Social work is a dynamic profession concerned with the changing needs of people and society.  To respond to such needs, the faculty, students, members of the practice community, and others regularly review the curriculum of the School of Social Work.

The MSW curriculum includes three distinct levels through which students progress toward the advanced degree in social work.

Foundation Courses

Regular standing students start in the foundation courses.

Concentration Courses

The purpose of the Concentration curriculum is to prepare students with more breadth and depth in their knowledge base (theories that underlie social work practice). In addition, the Concentration curriculum serves to advance their critical thinking and foundation practice skills for entry into very specialized fields of practice, or concentrations.

  • One SWK 618 course

Focus Area

Students take courses in their selected focus area in conjunction with 600 level Concentration courses.

Special Practice Areas in Social Work

Social Workers gain employment in a wide range of practice fields and work with diverse client systems. Their work requires multi-dimensional, contextually sensitive, evidence-informed applications which are performed through a variety of social work roles. Special Practice Areas in Social Work provide students an opportunity to explore and develop expertise with practice issues that intersect with populations and agencies. Courses available are listed under the “Required 15 credit hours of social work electives” below.

  • Required 15 credit hours of social work electives

    Detailed Sample Degree Map